Ejaculating Dildos

It could be argued its in our human nature to enjoy the feeling of both ejaculating inside another human, and on the other side having someone ejaculate inside of us, its coded deep inside our DNA.

Ejaculating DildoHowever it’s almost a taboo subject due to the inherent and very real health risks not only pregnancy but more the many sexually transmitted infections.

This is where Ejaculating Dildo’s come to the rescue, a near real feeling ejaculation experience now possible along with the right feeling too and absolutely NONE of the health risks usually associated.

You might well see an ejaculating dildo as being a step up from the real thing, since you can effectively turn the money shot into further playtime by being a little creative with the fluid make up.

Chocolate Flavour, Raspberry or maybe you can get a little kinky and use ginger or mint for that extra tingly sensation 😉

There are also ejaculating dildos which you can hook up to your shower for that extra little bit of shower or bath time fun.

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