Ejaculate Fluid

What do I Fill My Ejaculating Dildo With?

Sometimes a dildo just simply doesn’t cut it, and you crave that feeling of ejaculation deep inside you, or maybe you have never experienced it and are curious what all the fuss is about.

Ejaculating Dildo

Ejaculating Dildo

I am going to try and answer a few of the questions that any first-time ejaculating dildo user needs to know, what kind of fluid do you squirt from your ejaculating dildo? What fluids are safe to use? What feels the best and most realistic? I’m going to try and answer all those questions and help you to decide what will work best and guarantee a pleasurable experience every time you take your ejaculating dildo out to play.

Why An Ejaculating Dildo?
Well Ejaculating Dildos bring your dildo play to a new level of realism and sensual excitement. This is all thanks to a narrow tunnel running through middle of the dildo, up to a sort of urethra or opening at the dildo’s head, one squeeze of the attached bulb or testicles will fill you with fluid, giving you a pleasure that’s almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

What Kind of Fluid?
Many owners of ejaculating dildos prefer to experiment with fluids and work out what is best and feels good for them, for example diluted yoghurt has a large following. A word of warning though, if you go down this road you need to ensure your yoghurt solution isn’t too thick or you may block and damage the ejaculation tubes in your dildo.

Using a yoghurt means you can incorporate your ejaculating dildo into play with a partner, find a flavour they like, and let them use the toy and clean up after 😉

If you want to play totally safe, there is always plain, simple and dependable tap or spring water. It may not feel ideal but its safe and guaranteed not to damage your ejaculating toy.

What Comes With The Toy ?
A large range of ejaculating dildos come with a water soluble powder  that will become an ejaculation dildo fluid in texture and consistency when the right amount of water is added. With these kinds of fluids you should be sure to read the ingredients, firstly to make sure you not allergic to any of them, no one wants a reaction down there. Secondly some of the mixtures contain sugars which opens susceptible people to yeast infections, which again no one wants. If your happy both, that your not allergic and they ingredients are safe, happy squirting.

Ejaculating dildos are a nifty riff on the traditional dildo and as long as you balance experimentation with common sense, you’ll find the liquid that’s perfect for your squirting pleasure. Be safe, be creative, and enjoy the sensation no other type of dildo can provide.

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